Working together to ensure the future of the Reading Town Forest

As you may be aware, the red pine trees within the Reading Town Forest are dying. As trees native to colder climates, the red pines are falling victim to increased temperatures. As they die off, they pose a risk to those walking or camping within the forest as well as a risk of forest fire.

            Starting in 2020, the Town Forest Committee took action. Tree companies were hired to remove the red pines and to date nine areas have had a significant number of trees removed based on the threat they posed to the public. Other trees will need to be removed as the red pines make up a significant portion of the trees in the Town Forest. 

            This has left areas of the forest bare and susceptible to the growth of invasive plants. Two Eagle Scout projects have addressed the area around the old Council Ring. They have made a dent. A lot more needs to be done. 

            Following a discussion between the Town Forest Committee and Friends of Reading Scouting, a decision was made to raise funds to buy seedlings and saplings at a scale large enough to have an impact. This was the genesis of TREES FOR READING

How to Help

            So why are we reaching out to you? We are looking for two levels of support from organizations in town. First, we are asking for you to be a Sponsor for TREES FOR READING. (The sponsorship levels are described below.) Second, once we have sufficient funding…be that this fall or next spring…we will need hands to help plant those trees and we would like you to help get as many of your members out to help as possible. 

            Please join us in making a difference…not just today, but for generations to come. 

Best regards,

William Sullivan, Chair                                              Stephen Gousie, Chair
Town Forest Committee                                             Friends of Reading Scouting

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